Nasugbu, Batangas

Fortune Island has long been on my list. It is known for its white sand, Grecian pillars, and several spots for cliff jumping. When I learned Shan and Team Akyat Pilipinas were organizing a tour to this island, I signed up right away.

I was a solo joiner and a boring one who doesn’t drink, so I went on a late afternoon walk while the group emptied bottles of alcohol and another early the next day while everyone was still snoring. :p

This stairway makes going up the Grecian pillars and back to the shoreline easy.
Adjacent to the stairway are several dirt paths to the beach
When it’s low tide, the rocks give ample shade for those who just want to chill 6 inches from the water
but I’m aiming for a nice tan so


I stayed on the shore, under the sun, waiting for the waves for an hour.

Got bored waiting for the sunrise with a bunch of other campers so I looked at the other side in the meantime.
This magical morning sky is definitely worth the wait.

Here are some photos from the members:

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