“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” 
– Marcel Proust

San Narciso, Zambales

I met Dalya when we were 12 years old and got used to calling her by her nickname, Dayang. Fourteen years later, we are working in Metro Manila and don’t get to see each other often. She said she wanted a getaway, so we left the busy metro and headed to San Narciso, Zambales for a weekend of sun, sand, and surf.


It was a pre-birthday celebration for her; it was a follow-up surfing lesson long overdue for me. It was a great way to catch up for the both of us.

Going to San Narciso is a short 5-hour ride from Cubao. I always turn to the ever reliable Victory Liner, which has an Iba-bound bus that leaves every other hour. Make sure you tell the lady in the ticket booth the right town. Several towns in Zambales were named after saints. I told her “San Antonio.” I’m so sorry, Dayang. 😅

It was a Saturday and a long weekend, so the terminal was packed with people going home or tourists looking for a nice #beachinit weekend. When we arrived before 9, all tickets were sold out. We patiently waited and got on the 11 a.m. bus. You can’t reserve a bus ticket to Zambales at Victory Liner.

We stayed at Crystal Beach Resort, which offers huts, tents, and surfing lessons. We got a tent and went right in for some rest. When we’re fully recharged, it was time for dinner.

We headed to the restaurant and grill inside the resort. It’s hard to choose from their menu complete with pork, beef, chicken, and seafood.

We heard there would be an acoustic band and fire dance at the place nearby, so we headed there when we’re full. It’s not a party night but it’s exactly what we needed – a relaxing booze night with an acoustic duo on the background.


There were fire dancers, too.

The following day, we went back to the restaurant and ordered a heavy breakfast. We were going to need a lot of energy! We chose to take our meal outside and have a breakfast on the beach. When we felt we’re ready for the waves, we went back to the tent, applied lots of sunblock, and put on a rash guard.


Surfing lesson and board rent: P500

The waves were big and harsh that day and experienced surfers were obviously enjoying. Some would be scared looking at those waves but not us. I’m so proud of my friend – it was her first time and she kept going until she was able to stand up on the board!

There was only the two of us and we went in the water at the same time so no pictures of us surfing, but who needs one when we’ve enjoyed and won’t forget the experience?